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More American involvement, a more entrenched Nato-like military structure, and increased professional capability to match Nato forces may come about in the new Arab Nato alliance in part due to the motivation of Saudi Arabia.President Barack Obama's administration brokered more arms sales than any US administration since World War II - estimated at 0bn.The boundaries of Tabuk region extends from the Saudi–Jordanian border in the north to the north of Al-Medinah Al-Munawwarah, and from the Red Sea on the west to the Hufa depression in the east.It lies at the junction of Hejaz mountain range and the plains of the north in the basin of sedimentary area.Tens of sites in the area with Thamudic, Greek and Nabataean The castle dates back to about 3500 BCE, and has been restored many times; the last was in 1062 AH (1652 ACE).It was one of the several forts and stations built all along the Syrian pilgrimage route welcome the pilgrims.

The fort is considered as an archaeological landmark of the region and is open for the visitors.Tabuk is the capital of the region which includes several administrative districts such Al-Wajh, Duba, Tayma, Umluj and Haql.Since antiquity Tabuk had trade and cultural contacts with the neighboring ancient civilizations of northern Arabia, such as Ash-Sham, Egypt and Mesopotamia.Universities include: It has a desert's continental weather with hot summers and mild winters.Temperatures in the summer are between 26 and 46 °C, while in winter they are between −4 and 18°C, with widespread frosts.

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